Transfer from Canadian Liberal Arts University to an American College? Fees? Tuition? Work Visa?

I am a 26 year old waiter/carpenter/student working on a Bachelor of Arts degree in History at a Liberal Arts school in Ontario. My girlfriend is in the process of potentially transferring as a nurse in Canada to Virginia for a contractual term and our decision is hinging on whether I would be able to go with her and be socially productive (work or school).

My idea is to perhaps get a transfer from my University to a College in the area, to finish my very last semester, but I am uncertain as to how much a semester of tuition costs for an average University in the States and whether the transfer is a smooth one.

Most importantly however, I want to see if I hypothetically take correspondence courses at my current University to finish up, what could I do to get a work Visa? Even if only temporarily.
Any help is appreciated

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