After a gap year, how are your student loans/grants affected?

I've already studied two years of higher education doing a HND course. I have since taken a year out after completing this (a gap year) and now I'm considering re-entering education to turn the HND into a BA, by doing the one year top-up course. Because I have been out of education, working for a year, how will this affect my loan/grant that you recieve? … [Read more...]

Is this alot of money to be earning a year?

I'm just finishing my A-Levels at school now and am off to University in September studying Adult Nursing and I've been thinking ahead abit and...eventually, I'd quite like to specialise and become a Nurse Anaesthetist. I read online that the average salary for this job is £83,900 but apparantely some earn up to £160,000 a year. Is this alot to be earning a year? I'm quite … [Read more...]