What Are My Chances Of Getting Into Rutgers University?

I'm in my senior year of high school. I have a GPA of 3.4-3.5 and I scored an 1810 on my SATs. I have over 100 hours of community service at my local animal shelter and nursing home. My freshman year I did awful and failed history. (My gpa then was a 2.3) However, I have made a recovery and this year I am taking 2 APs and a couple of honors classes. I'm also apart of PEER … [Read more...]

Is The University Of Arizona A Well Respected School?

I just got accepted to into their electrical and computer engineering program and i was wondering if a degree from there means something? my counselor tells me i have an impressive enough resume to get in a top notch school like Stanford and MIT, so i don't really know what to do. my sister who is a lot smarter than i am went there and now she is going to get her doctorate from … [Read more...]