I’m Nervous About Starting Nursing School…how Do I Balance My Studies And Find Time For Loved Ones & Myself?

Okay, I'm 22 and fortunate to have been accepted into nursing school at the University of Alabama after years of hard work. I'm excited but also very worried and nervous about doing well and keeping my grades up to stay in the program. Now, i'm overstressing about doing well and finding the time to balance studying with time for my family and loved ones and not to mention … [Read more...]

Insight On Becoming A Nurse Pract Vs Dr.ob/gyn Considering Time Invested, Med. School Tuition, Malpractice Ins?

I am a senior Bio/pre-med student and since job shadowing this summer with a local OB/GYN practice, I have gained a lot of hands-on experience but it was with a nurse practitioner rather than the head dr as he was always at the hospital delivering. My main concern is this...would you (being a professional or having insight in this field) recommend that my time be invested in … [Read more...]

Help!! How do I lose weight and find time to exercise while in Nursing School and working a part-time job??? ?

Okay, I am 22 and about to start Nursing School this week at the University of Alabama. I'm one of those people who fluctuate in their weight like crazy! For example,I lost 70 pounds in high school but gained around half of it back over my first couple years of college. Then last summer I lost 20 pounds and kept it off for about a year then I've recently gained about 12 of it … [Read more...]