Which state would offer me a better education and opportunity?

I want to go to school for nursing. I currently live in maryland, and was planning to attend Prince Georges community college, and then transfer to university of maryland (baltimore) to get my bsn. But i want to move to sc. If i go there thenf i would be attending midlands tech, and transfering to usc. Have anyone heard of these school, and if so which would be better? … [Read more...]

My Husband Wants To Move To Another State!!?

My husband and I were planning to move to DC. I was excited about the move until reality struck. We have a 2 year old and another baby on the way. I am currently in college pursuing a degree in nursing. He is no longer in school but he wants to go back. If we stay where we are we will have to put the kids in daycare. If we move to his hometown then his grandmother and mother … [Read more...]