Should I go to UNCW or USC (South Carolina)?

I have always wanted to go to UNCW. I absolutely love the beach and they have exercise science and nursing. However, USC also has exercise science and nursing. USC has one of the best exercise science programs in the country. I have been accepted to UNCW and will hear from USC in a few months. Basically I have to choose between the school of my dreams and the one that is … [Read more...]

Should I Do Emt-b Or Cna Before Enrolling To Pa School?

Hi, I am a Junior with a GPA of 3.43. I plan on applying to PA schools once I graduate. I have no medical experience to date, which is why I plan on taking either a EMT-B or CNA certification program in the summer. I was wondering which would be a better choice in the eyes of the admission committee? I am leaning towards EMT, because I believe it is more rigorous hands-on … [Read more...]

Should I Become An Rn?

Ive always wanted to work with animals...but i know that being a nurse i would make more money..My friend is going to school to become a vet tech. I f i go to tennessee tech for 2 years i will be a RN..and 6 months of training i would be able to become a travel rn..I really love animals but i want to make a decent amount of money. I could be a nurse and still have my love of … [Read more...]

What Should I Do To Get Into A Good Nursing School?

I had average grades in high school. I am going to pharmacy tech school now and then I plan on going to a community college to become an RN. I want to either go to UCF or Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences to get a BSN. I know those are both difficult schools to get into. What should I do starting now to help my chances of getting into those schools? … [Read more...]

help::: stupid school!! what should i do academically?

today i registered for my district school that has twice the number of kids that my previous school had, 2400 to be exact. at my previous school i was on the honors program. this year, is my junior year, and if i were to stay at my old school i would have been in AP english( and its for college credit) ,Honors chem, and pre-ap spanish 3. the school that i enrolled into today … [Read more...]