Any Nurses From Dallas Texas? How do you decide which college?

I'm deciding on having a career change. I'm 25 and just had a baby and a need a good career so I can support my baby, and I've decided that I want to become a nurse, a registered nurse(RN) . I have never been to college before and is a little scared, I was thinking of going to a private college like Dallas Nursing Institute for my LVN first, and later go to a bridge program for … [Read more...]

Can I Get Student Loans (to Go To Nursing School) When I Have Extrermely Bad Credit And Only A Part Time Job?

Ok here is the deal. I am a 26 year old who has recently decided that I want to go back to school for nursing. I live in Memphis, TN and we have a nursing school that will pay for your student loans but I have to figure out how and if I can even get a student loan. When I was young, dumb, and stupid I made some mistakes and now I have bad credit (really bad). Also I really have … [Read more...]

Which School To Attend?

I am currently attending a state school in California; I'm from the east coast. I love California but I'm not a big fan of the people here, there's just a whole different mind set over here. I'm looking to transfer and I'm having the hardest time of my life... because I have no idea where to go. I've done every 'college match' and 'college search' known to man and I'm more … [Read more...]