A Private School Told Me They Are Accredited???

by knocks or nocks??? has any one ever herd of that???? its a nursing school i know most of them are accredited by nlnac but nocks????? its called zms nursing and cosmetology school and they have a bunch of other programs but i dont know about it yet... any suggestions pls … [Read more...]

Would Transferring From A Private University In The Us To Complete Med School In A 3rd World Country Look Bad?

My main motivation for doing this is the cost -- I am over $150K in private loan debt and can no longer take out another loan. I am only one year away from receiving an undergraduate degree at an Ivy League university, but at this point I am willing to sacrifice the prestige for practicality -- I am thinking of finishing up one more year of pre-med in the Philippines where it … [Read more...]