Any Nurses From Dallas Texas? How do you decide which college?

I'm deciding on having a career change. I'm 25 and just had a baby and a need a good career so I can support my baby, and I've decided that I want to become a nurse, a registered nurse(RN) . I have never been to college before and is a little scared, I was thinking of going to a private college like Dallas Nursing Institute for my LVN first, and later go to a bridge program for … [Read more...]

A Question For Labor And Delivery Nurses Or Nursery Nurses?

So I've been very interested in becoming a nurse, and I've been trying to get all the information I can get my hands on! The internet isn't always the best place though, so I was hoping that I could hear from some actually L/D or Nursery nurses! I love babies, and so I would want to become an RN then specialize in one of these fields. I'm a Junior in high school, so I really … [Read more...]