Could I Go From Nursing School To Medical School?

If I went to nursing school and became a nurse practitioner, would it be easier for Me to be accepted into medical school that way? What all would I need, meaning pre requisites, to apply to medical school from completing My NP license from nursing school? My GPA isn't the greatest in the world so I know I would not be top pick when applying for medical school after I complete … [Read more...]

What Good Medical Schools/7 Year Med Schools Can I Get Into (10 Points)?

I'm a junior in high school wanting to study medicine. I want to get into Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, Dartmouth or Brown. I know they might all be a stretch for me, except maybe Cornell. But how good would you say my chances are based on the following: GPA: I think a 4.0, don't remember. Last year my GPA was a 97/100, don't remember if that was weighted or … [Read more...]