Which is better, be on the waiting list, or have a 50% of getting your major?

I am stuck between two schools now, Trinity Western University and the University of Washington. I was accepted to TWU but I am on the waiting list for the nursing program. And I was accepted to UW, but after you take a year or two of prereqs, you aren't garnunteed to be able to continue to get your major, they are very competitive when you choose to get into upper division. So … [Read more...]

Double major in nursing and dance?

I'm a senior in high school right now, and I am still a bit skeptical about what I am going to do... and even where I'm going to go. Right now I'm thinking Saint Cloud State University, Mankato State University, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, or University of Minnesota Duluth... I want to be a pediatric nurse, so I would for sure major in that, unless I majored in … [Read more...]