Can I Get Student Loans (to Go To Nursing School) When I Have Extrermely Bad Credit And Only A Part Time Job?

Ok here is the deal. I am a 26 year old who has recently decided that I want to go back to school for nursing. I live in Memphis, TN and we have a nursing school that will pay for your student loans but I have to figure out how and if I can even get a student loan. When I was young, dumb, and stupid I made some mistakes and now I have bad credit (really bad). Also I really have … [Read more...]

Are There Any Student Loans For Nursing You Don’t Have To Pay Back?

I heard that if you are willing to work in a critical shortage area for a couple of years that your nursing student loans would be forgiven. Is this true? Also, are there any scholorships for nursing (Associates Degree) that can be awarded to people that are from out of state? I will be moving to Florida in a week and won't actually be considered a resident for 1 year. … [Read more...]

What does it mean when my student loans have a zero balance due to a claim?

My student loans are through NelNet and I received a letter from NelNet instructing me to stop making payments. The reason they give is that my student loan account has been paid by a claim and now has a zero balance. I have had student loans since 1995; but I also have filed bankruptcy. What does all this mean? What claim paid my loans off? Did I or someone else get sued … [Read more...]

Is it possible to transfer student loans to a different school?

I've become rather upset at the school I am currently at. I am looking to change schools very soon if possible. Does anyone know if student loans to another school as long as the new school is accredited? Or do I have to reapply for loans?Can you even transfer to another school that isn't accredited but is the same course material? I love mistyping. That should have asked … [Read more...]