National Guard Student Loan Repayment?

My husband is seriously considering the Louisiana National Guard. He is 27 years old and just finished college with an associate's degree in applied science (He is a licensed practical nurse) and has previous experience as an EMT also. His main focus is the now $50,000 in student loan repayment the guard is offering (he has $43,000 in loans!). We meet all eligibility … [Read more...]

School Loan.?

I have one loan in deferment--that i have not paid back yet, since i am not working. and i have one school loan in default, with salliemae, and about to go to collections since I am having trouble paying it off at the rate they want it paid back at. I want to go back to school but, have been told that I cannot due to the loans that are already out there and in trouble. Does … [Read more...]