What’s The Best City To Live In Maryland?

Me and my friend are thinking about moving to Maryland, and i want to go to school as well..I was looking at this school called University of Maryland. School of Nursing..but i dont know if that is a really good school..so i am still thinking if i should make this big move, I live in South Carolina … [Read more...]

What Is The Best Place To Live/ Attend Nursing School?

I am a single parent, and a senior in my bachelors degree program (pre-nursing) I want to get my Bachelors in nursing sciences... I am also a VERY small town person, I hate driving long distances, I hate crowded areas, I prefer the rural life.. Not interested in a busy night life/ parties/ alcohol, etc. Just a good clean place to raise a 5 year old girl while I finish off my … [Read more...]

What’s It Like To Live In North Dakota?

I'm from New York City and I wanna live somewhere much colder. I absolutely LOVE cold weather. NYC winters are very warm and lacking for me. I know I love cold because I was in Montreal, Quebec this winter and one evening it got down to -2'F with a -20'F windchill and I was just loving every second of it. Clear blue skies, huge plooms of steam rushing out of your mouth and … [Read more...]