I feel like im STUCK in a RUT… im 18.. i have all the world to look forward too. as im told 100x’s BUT >>>?

idk it seems like the last 2years haven't really been taking me anywhere, im talking about school and work.. i plan on going into law enforcement.. but im entering university in Nursing just cuz im scared that if i dont get ready enough for law enforcement or i don't cut outt... that my life wont be screwed up.. cuz i'll be a registered nurses... and can go and work in a … [Read more...]

What makes some girls worth getting treated good and others like crap?

I dated this guy, I was very sweet to him and I consider myself to be an attractive girl as well as intelligent. I'm in nursing school and I pay my own bills. I live up north and he lives down south. He abandoned me when I was pregnant, pushed me to have an abortion with threats and then spent months telling me he was sorry and wanted to hold me and listen to me talk about what … [Read more...]

What’s It Like To Live In North Dakota?

I'm from New York City and I wanna live somewhere much colder. I absolutely LOVE cold weather. NYC winters are very warm and lacking for me. I know I love cold because I was in Montreal, Quebec this winter and one evening it got down to -2'F with a -20'F windchill and I was just loving every second of it. Clear blue skies, huge plooms of steam rushing out of your mouth and … [Read more...]