Any Nurses From Dallas Texas? How do you decide which college?

I'm deciding on having a career change. I'm 25 and just had a baby and a need a good career so I can support my baby, and I've decided that I want to become a nurse, a registered nurse(RN) . I have never been to college before and is a little scared, I was thinking of going to a private college like Dallas Nursing Institute for my LVN first, and later go to a bridge program for … [Read more...]

work 1 yr, then all resident tuition? or what?? HELP, please!!?

i plan to move from a small mountain town in colorado to austin, texas once i graduate hs. (i hope to go to UT Austin) would it be better to work full-time there for a year to establish residency, then work for my nursing degree as a resident? or should i just pay non-resident tuition the first year, then resident tuition the following years? i'm a little anxious and would … [Read more...]

Could Someone Help Me With Some Nursing School Interview Questions?

i have an interview this tuesday with university of southern nevada and i was wondering if anyone has interviewed with them before. i'll also appreciate it if you could tell me what questions to expect and what response the interviewers would like to hear. i'll also appreciate help from people who interviewed with another school. i'm really really nervous about this interview. … [Read more...]

What Do You Think?? Help Please?

Okay, so I want to know if I could get accepted into my dream school/s (NYU foremost, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, etc.) for premed. I'm in my junior year (home schooled, actually more self taught) anyway, by the time I graduate I would have taken 50-some classes/courses! (including Calculus, Physics, Organic and INorganic Chemistry among many others) 12-18 of which are AP's (got … [Read more...]