Help With Nursing School Grants In Georgia?

We are trying to return to school. A friend told us there is a grant you can get that will pay for you to complete a nursing school course that you don't have to repay. We live in Georgia and need something available there. Also has anyone had any experience with online school? … [Read more...]

Should I Apply To Nursing School At Georgia State University?

I currently attend Kennesaw State University and i'm debating if I should apply to go to Georgia State for their nursing program in the fall I have to wait till Spring 2010 to get into Kennesaw's. I really dont want to go to Georgia state because Kennesaw State has a better college atmosphere, its not in downtown atlanta, and I dont have to vacant my apartment at the end of the … [Read more...]

Is There Any College Help For Young Parents In Georgia?

im a 20 year old mom with a 1 year old, and my husband is about to turn 20. does anyone know of any programs in georgia that could help me become a nurse? any financial loans for young parents or anything along those lines? we didnt plan on my daughter-i was on birth control in fact-and we cant find any job what so ever and we're tired of being a burden to his parents. thanks … [Read more...]