Get Into The Kapiolani Community College Nursing School?

So I live in Hawaii and I am working to get into the Nursing Program at KCC (Kapiolani Community College). I am almost done with my pre-requisite classes and I will start on my co-requisite classes soon. My question is, is it worth doing? I mean, I heard that over 200 people apply every semester but only 30 get in!! My grades are pretty good but with that cut off...they have to … [Read more...]

Can I take nursing prerequisites at a community college?

I already have my BS in Psychology and I have decided to get my BSN (Nursing). I need 4 classes to qualify for the advanced BSN program at most schools (I'm looking mostly at schools in North Carolina). Can I just take these four classes at a community college and then apply to the BSN programs? Or are community college classes not competitive enough? The four classes I … [Read more...]