Canada, taxes, wages, jobs, healthcare…?

i know canada has healthcare for everyone but to be honest idk how this fully works they tax u for it right how much? like what% how much do u normally pay in taxes there in a year in all? it seems canadian wages are the same or close for the same jobs is that correct? if im totally wrong please explain. it seems like a good idea, but im not too informed on it so id like to … [Read more...]

Where To File Taxes, Canada Or The Us?

I'm a canadian who has been working in the US since july of 2003 on a TN visa. I'm a registered nurse. I haven't filed taxes in canada since i've left, and now i'm wondering if i should have? I've filed in the US though. I've never been employed by a canadian employer, having come to the US to work after I graduated from nursing school. If anyone has any suggestions thank you. … [Read more...]

Subsidized Daycare in Ontario Canada?

I have a g/f who is on social assistance. She has been collecting assistance for 5 years now.She was told she had to participate in some upgrading course so she would still be able to recieve a cheque every month. She signs up for the course (which she only has to attend 3 hours a week), and magically gets full time subsidized daycare within a week. I, myself, was on social … [Read more...]