I am so confused about everything basically i want to work in a nursery as an assistant, what grades do i need

I am currently studying BTEC Health and Social Care as part of my GCSE'S, i want to go onto college to train to be a nursery nurse or an assistant, but there are so many college courses to choose from, can somebody point me in the right direction. And if i was to go on to be a nursery nurse/assistant what grades would i need for this. I am so confused at the moment about what … [Read more...]

im a nursing assistant and need a few questions answered!?

I currently live in Hawaii and attended a state certified nursing assistant program. i have not gotten certified through the red cross yet but i am a nursing assistant. a good friend of mine needs help caring for his father in pennsylvania. his health is declining and he has dementia. i plan on moving out there to live there and help. now my question is, medicare will pay for … [Read more...]

Which Is A Better Career, Nurse Practitioner Or Physicians Assistant?

I am considering going back to school to become a nurse practitioner (a Masters program that allows non-nurses to get their RN and then MSN) or going to a Physicians Assistant program, also a Masters. I think I can get into the NP program but iffy on my chances of getting into the PA program. Does anybody have advice on which direction I should choose and why? I am looking at … [Read more...]