Suicide? Or other advice? It’s really needed… thanks.?

So basically I've struggled with a lot... I mean... a LOT of mental health issues for quite a while. I lost a friend to suicide four months ago. A best friend, a very close friend. For the past few years or so, life has been... more painful than I can begin to explain. I've been suspended from school for cutting myself, and told about how I'm hurting people. In psych wards, … [Read more...]

Nursing school advice? Help? Thanks :0)?

What are the pros and cons of the RN to BSN track? Pros and con's of a 4-year BSN track at a private school? Does anyone know about Concordia University- Portland? What about PCC and OHSU's OCNE (oregon consortium for nursing education) track? (this is the RN to BSN track.) I've researched a lot about these schools, but I haven't heard a lot from people who have been on the … [Read more...]

Technical school first, then transfer to 4 year? Advice?

I am a junior in high school and i've been thinking about my options lately. i messed up my freshman year and i have a 2.75 gpa. which is not good. even though i'm making all a's now getting into my dream college (University of South Carolina) is out the way. Now, i'm thinking of going into Greenville Tech which i heard is a very good tech school and transfer to South … [Read more...]

Nursing School While Working As A Phlebotomist? I Need Good Advice?

My original plan is to work here in the u.s for a year and save some money ang go back to philippines to finish my bachelors in nursing but right now i like my job here as a phlebotomist in a big hospital in my area.. And right now everyone is telling me don't go back to philippines to go to school there just pursue your bachelors here in the u.s while working full time as a … [Read more...]