The Air Force And Nursing College

i literally just got to my first duty station at elmendorf in alaska and my girlfriend lives in tennessee. this might be a little farfetched and it might not work but i just want to hear some opinions on some plans i have. yes i have more than one. my first plan is kind of sketchy. shes gonna start college and shes gonna take a two year course to be a registered nurse. i really dont want to wait for two years to marry her have her move with me to elmendorf so i was thinking next time i go on leave (probably around christmas) she will have already been through a semester at her college but i was thinkin marry her, she comes back with me or at least we arrange it so that she flys out asap and she can maybe pick back up her courses at a school here on base. i know im gonna have to do a lot of personal research to make anything like that happen but i just want to know from people who know what their talking about… does that sound plausible? what would you advise or how would you improve my plan? like i said i have other plans but i figure if i can get some good answers for this question it will help everything else also so ill just leave it at this.

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