How do you go about becoming a midwife?

I have no prior nursing qualifications and I live in Wales in the U.K. This is something I have always wanted to do, but am in the dark as to how you go about it. I am almost 25, the reason I say this is incase you thought I was a school leaver. I would […]

Should I Do Emt-b Or Cna Before Enrolling To Pa School?

Hi, I am a Junior with a GPA of 3.43. I plan on applying to PA schools once I graduate. I have no medical experience to date, which is why I plan on taking either a EMT-B or CNA certification program in the summer. I was wondering which would be a better choice in the […]

What Are The Best Private Student Loan Consolidation Companies?

I am getting ready to pay back my Sallie Mae student loans and they are expecting me to pay approximately $500 per month for my private loan. The only other alternative they gave me for a lower monthly payment was the Interest Only option, which I have heard is a horrible choice. Given today’s economic […]

How much do you owe in student loans?

Pharmacy tech or nursing assistant? Help!?

I only have a GED at the moment. I don’t plan on going to college or university due to money issues. But I’m willing to do a class for the profession I choose. I can’t choose which I would prefer to do, maybe because I don’t know alot about either job. What exactly would I […]

Hey this is important help me please what certificate program should I do ?Got laid off need to change my LIFE?

Hi people I am 24 years old I live in washington Heights close to the A train, were I can get any place I want in the city by train.I recently got laid off a non profit job were I cannot collect plus I was working for two months.(job was temporary ) I my quest […]

What types of student loans can a person get that allow you to use them how you see fit?

I am a returning undergraduate student at a tribal college in central Montana. Anyone who has lived in or visited Montana knows that transportation is extremely important. I would like to know the best places to review for student loans which allow a person to spend the money freely and without the cash going to […]

pregnant what should i go to school for?

ok so im 27 weeks pregnant.. im taking a course to become a cna in a couple weeks.. but im just wondering… what could i go to school for afterwards being a mother and all.. i was thinking about going for nursing but idk.. plus im in idaho not many colleges here for nursing.. unless […]

Which do you think I should follow as a profession after I graduate?

Btw I’m in 11th grade and 17 years old, I attend an alternative highschool due to problems with directed classes because of my fast reading skills and quick learning. I also have a problem with ADHD which is medicated but flares up in stressful situations. I’d just like some input on which would probably be […]

I would like to go to college to become a nurse and then become a Physician Assistant while in the Navy…?

I’m about to go into active duty with the navy and after bootcamp and A school I want to go to college to become a nurse then possibly further my education and become a PA, would this be too difficult to handle while on active duty? My job in the navy is a hospital corpsman, […]

Nursing salary question?

I am in college for nursing, I was wondering is there a such job as just nursing fro gynecology ? and if so how much is their salary starting out hourly and yearly? What is the base RN salary with a BSN degree for 1st year starters in a hospital, or office setting. in hourly […]

Which Company Has The Best Student Loan Consolidation Rates?

I have a subsidized student loan in the amount of $11,460.55, does anyone know the names of specific companies that have the best consolidation rates at this time? What are those rates?

Are These Universities Good If I Would Like To Get A Bs In Nursing ( 4 Year Degree)?

I am a high school junior and I am considering colleges I would like to attend. I’ve been trying to think of some good schools in NY for nursing (undergraduate) but I can only think of nyu, columbia and University of rochester. Syracuse university no longer has a nursing program. I am also considering out […]

Rn Training?

I want to go to school and get training as a emergency room nurse(i love blood, guts and gore). Problem is I don’t know where to start. What degree to shoot for and where I can find a school. It seems Rhode Island doesn’t have any nursing schools. Can someone help point me in the […]

What City Suits Me Best?

I want to move next year. Right now I’m in a practical nursing program so once I get licensed I can pretty much move anywhere. However, I want it to be warm and sunny and also I need to have a college nearby so I can do a bridge program for LPN to RN because […]

thinking about going to school in Hawaii? help?

Im thinking about going to college in Hawaii.I dont just want to go because its hawaii but I hear they have a good nursing program. Im a senior in HS and Im taking the ACT this october. Im thinking more like Hawai pacific unviersity I wanted to know what the ACT score is?

What makes some girls worth getting treated good and others like crap?

I dated this guy, I was very sweet to him and I consider myself to be an attractive girl as well as intelligent. I’m in nursing school and I pay my own bills. I live up north and he lives down south. He abandoned me when I was pregnant, pushed me to have an abortion […]

Do You Think Taking College Online Chemistry Would Be Hard As Hell?

OK.. So, I am taking anatomy and phys. this semester, and I am going to take Chemistry.. just so I can get into the Nursing program. Has anyone taken online chemistry? Anyone have any advice?

Which is the best online nursing school?

I’m looking for an online nursing program with connections/hands on practicum. Which one is the best and most recognized by future employers? Which one prepares you the best for the licensing test?

Does anyone know what the best school for a BSN in nursing is?

I want the school with the best programs and academics. I am looking for a school that has a high RN test pass rate. I don’t care about atheletics tution or anything like that just the best academic program. I appreciate any links or help on this subject.

Nursing schools in Indiana?

I am a freshman in college right now and i am looking to transfer to a college in Indiana for nursing. I want to be a RN. I have a low GPA as of right now. However I still feel as though i am able to transfer. I would like to go to a 2 […]

Nursing Schools In California?

do you know any good Nursing Colleges for Labor And Delivery Nursing in California ?? and how long does it take to become one.thank you <3