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Should I Do Emt-b Or Cna Before Enrolling To Pa School?

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Hi, I am a Junior with a GPA of 3.43.
I plan on applying to PA schools once I graduate. I have no medical experience to date, which is why I plan on taking either a EMT-B or CNA certification program in the summer.
I was wondering which would be a better choice in the eyes of the admission committee? I am leaning towards EMT, because I believe it is more rigorous hands-on work, and allows for more experience.
Your thoughts? Thank you in advance!

What Are The Best Private Student Loan Consolidation Companies?

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I am getting ready to pay back my Sallie Mae student loans and they are expecting me to pay approximately $500 per month for my private loan. The only other alternative they gave me for a lower monthly payment was the Interest Only option, which I have heard is a horrible choice. Given today’s economic condition and the difficulty of college graduates finding jobs, I don’t know how they can expect people like myself to pay $500 per month. Are there any private consolidation companies out there right now that can significantly lower my monthly payment?
Thank you!

How much do you owe in student loans?

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Pharmacy tech or nursing assistant? Help!?

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I only have a GED at the moment.
I don’t plan on going to college or university due to money issues.
But I’m willing to do a class for the profession I choose.

I can’t choose which I would prefer to do, maybe because I don’t know alot about either job.

What exactly would I be doing with each of these jobs?

Which job would take less time to train in?

Hey this is important help me please what certificate program should I do ?Got laid off need to change my LIFE?

Filed in The Category Washington Nursing Schools

Hi people I am 24 years old I live in washington Heights close to the A train, were I can get any place I want in the city by train.I recently got laid off a non profit job were I cannot collect plus I was working for two months.(job was temporary ) I my quest to find a job I have found depression and stress I have not had any luck. I am starting to hate craigslist and I HATE that when I go inside a store they tell me apply online do they even go through the millions of resumes.I have sent my resume out like no lie 600 times No exaggeration I checked my sent messages. Let me get to the point I have a two year old and in a bad relationship as bad as it can get. I only have telephone call center light data entry and receptionist skills. I want to do a quick certificate program and get certified to work a career out. I need this for some stability for now. I was thinking of dental assistant in mandl allied college but I dont know if the school is accredited somebody explained to me that if I go and it is not accredited what ever that means that I will have to do like 1000 hours worth of work before I get certified which sucks. Its takes like 8 months to complete. Then I heard of cnas certified nursing assistants which takes less time to do and I think they get payed less than nursing assistants tho? I heard that you would have to work in a nursing home to make 12 dollars and up but its rare anybody know about quick certificate programs ? or have done any of these any suggestions would be great I would appreciate it. I need something that makes good money like 12 and up starting I want to get an apartment and move out with my sis. sorry for the long paragraphs !

What types of student loans can a person get that allow you to use them how you see fit?

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I am a returning undergraduate student at a tribal college in central Montana. Anyone who has lived in or visited Montana knows that transportation is extremely important. I would like to know the best places to review for student loans which allow a person to spend the money freely and without the cash going to the school first. I am aware of the isues involved in repayment and debt problems of students nationwide. I just really need to have my car up and running again.
Apparently I was misunderstood so I will clarify. This would not be for debt consolidation, nor would it be used to purchase a car. It’s use would be to replace the engine in my car because it’s on it’s last leg. I have parked it due to the knocking in the engine. People have told me that it’s the rods so the engine must either be rebuilt (this process is risky and there is no guarantee that it will fix the problem), get a used engine from a junkyard, (very risky with little to no guarantee that it will last), have the dealership put in a new engine (comes with a waranty and guantees that the car will last me for quite sometime) or purchase a new car (I have already spent alot of money to buy this one and I know what’s wrong with it. This option is out of the question.) I hope that this makes my question more clear.

pregnant what should i go to school for?

Filed in The Category Idaho Nursing Schools

ok so im 27 weeks pregnant.. im taking a course to become a cna in a couple weeks.. but im just wondering… what could i go to school for afterwards being a mother and all.. i was thinking about going for nursing but idk.. plus im in idaho not many colleges here for nursing.. unless i move back to my hometown where all my family is..and more colleges.. although my bf doesnt want to move till we have 20000 saved up and im 18 hes 25 and i really want to start school.. but not sure what to do.. what do you guys recommend something that makes good money i either want to be a nurse or work in a hospital field.. or in an office.. but unsure what to dooooo!!! right now im working at a spa as a receptionist. so what do you guys go to school for that have a kid.. p.s. its me and my bf were not married so i could end up as a single mother if things happen.. which i hope doesnt happen i want to be with him forever!

Which do you think I should follow as a profession after I graduate?

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Btw I’m in 11th grade and 17 years old, I attend an alternative highschool due to problems with directed classes because of my fast reading skills and quick learning. I also have a problem with ADHD which is medicated but flares up in stressful situations.

I’d just like some input on which would probably be a good option. I come from a low income family and have no money saved up for college. I am good at self paced stuff so I like to learn yes but it depends on the subject. But these are my interests school wise and job wise.

Preferred Classes:
Biology <3
Forensic Science
Family Science
Art (Drawing, Sculpting, etc.)

Preffered Career Proffesions I’ve Looked At:
Vet Tech (I love animals, and biology)
Geneticist (I love genetics, the fact the answer is so logical is something I admire)
Sleep MD (I suffer parasomnia, I like the human mind, it’s so strange and wonderfully unique)
Child Care (I love children, I’m a maternal person. I come from a family of 6, the chaoticness is something I’m used to)
Art Teacher, Artist (I adore art and I have a pretty good skill for it, I hear praise often from teachers on my works. I hear the term starving artist too much to want to follow this logically.)
Author (Side job, I love to write, I read often.)
Paleontologist (My brother has instilled in me a love for dinosaurs, I’ve watched multiple history shows with him on such. The fact that there is a lot to be found and learned upon the extinct inhabitants of our early world interests me)
General Doctor (I like to help people, a nurse would even be fine for me. But I have a huge anxiety with needles, which makes me afraid to go into a medical proffession)
Special Ed Helper/Teacher (My youngest brother underwent severe abdomenal surgery at 3 months, his motor skills are behind and I enjoy working with him and helping him. Since this has impaired his motor function development he has been kept behind in school, I love teaching him and working with him on learning things such as the alphabet and various life lessons)
Preschool teacher/ Kindergarten (I like kids as said before, I believe that the younger kids of our generation will one day find the cures to our more serious ailments and help find things to fix our dieing ecosystem with the right push.)

So yeah, I know I’m a dreamer. What do you guys think? I worry about money for college on these proffessions, I know I can get a loan but I worry I won’t be able to pay it off, that I won’t succeed. I know this is my anxiety speaking but still. I’m fearful for my future in this way, any input and/or experience in these positions would be helpful. I know you guys don’t know me personally but I would like help at what options would be better acheived to someone of my standing. I live in the great state of North Dakota and do not want to travel far to acheive my goals in life.

How do you go about becoming a midwife?

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I have no prior nursing qualifications and I live in Wales in the U.K.

This is something I have always wanted to do, but am in the dark as to how you go about it. I am almost 25, the reason I say this is incase you thought I was a school leaver.

I would also like to know:

How long it can take,
How much I would have to pay and
What is the regular pay for a hospital based / community based midwife.


I would like to go to college to become a nurse and then become a Physician Assistant while in the Navy…?

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I’m about to go into active duty with the navy and after bootcamp and A school I want to go to college to become a nurse then possibly further my education and become a PA, would this be too difficult to handle while on active duty? My job in the navy is a hospital corpsman, would this help prepare me for nursing or PA? And can I pick any college near my base to attend or will the Navy decide that for me?
Thanks for the answers =)

Nursing salary question?

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I am in college for nursing, I was wondering is there a such job as just nursing fro gynecology ? and if so how much is their salary starting out hourly and yearly? What is the base RN salary with a BSN degree for 1st year starters in a hospital, or office setting. in hourly pay and yearly pay.

Thank you

Which Company Has The Best Student Loan Consolidation Rates?

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I have a subsidized student loan in the amount of $11,460.55, does anyone know the names of specific companies that have the best consolidation rates at this time? What are those rates?

Are These Universities Good If I Would Like To Get A Bs In Nursing ( 4 Year Degree)?

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I am a high school junior and I am considering colleges I would like to attend. I’ve been trying to think of some good schools in NY for nursing (undergraduate) but I can only think of nyu, columbia and University of rochester. Syracuse university no longer has a nursing program. I am also considering out of state schools such as UCLA, UPENN, university of georgia, unc chapel hill, john hopkins university, UVA, university of texas austin, university of michigan ann harbor, and university of illinois chicago. i would like to go to a school in an urban/city setting or somewhere near the city if possible. I also don’t know whether the schools I listed are associated with hospitals or medical centers. if you could tell me that would be great because it would lay alot of impact on my decison. Could you also point out to me which schools I should definitely consider? Thank you

Would Like To Move To Puerto Rico. I’m A Nurse With 3 Kids, Lived In Us My Whole Life. Where To Look?

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My husband and I have been looking into moving to Puerto Rico but I have some questions and I’m not having luck looking online. I know zero spanish, as a nurse would I be able to find work? As far as real estate I dont know what part of PR to look in? What about Schools? Would private be better than public? Are there parts of PR that mainlands flock to for living/buying? Anything else you can think of that would be helpful to know would be great.

Is San Antonio College A Nice Community College? I Am Moving To Texas And Hoping To Continue With Nursing?

Filed in The Category Texas Nursing Schools

courses. Is it difficult to do that there? Does anyone know which areas would be nice to live in? Thanks!

is it possible LPN to Rn in canada?

Filed in The Category Alberta Nursing Schools

hi,i live in edmonton ,canada.i want to apply for LPN in local Norquest College,i want to know that is it possible to complete RN after doing LPN in Alberta.i can’t go for RN because i have 10 months old daughter and its hard to get in RN course coz of long waiting list. i also want to know that psychiatric nursing has more job opportunities than LPN?

This or that Hope college or U of I or Indiana University Dance major or dance team Nursing or Physicians assi?

Filed in The Category Indiana Nursing Schools

Hope college or U of I or Indiana University
Dance major or dance team
Nursing or Physicians assistant
i’m undecided where i want to go to college, what type of dance i would like to do at that college and what to explore there….

Applying to university in 2010?

Filed in The Category Best Nursing Schools 2011

Wondering what’s the best time to apply as Im in college and wanting to do a nursing degree in september ’10 (through UCAS).

New York University- College Of Nursing.?

Filed in The Category New York Nursing Schools

I want a bachelors degree to become a labor&delivery nurse. How much will the tuition cost?

Question About Nursing School?

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whats the different between private nursing school vs. community college and Online Nursing school? what are advantages and disadvantages amongst this three?
is there a website where it allows you to choose which private nursing school serve in your area? like Ventura, ca.
Thank you very much!

“i Would Like To Know What I Can Do To Make 3,000.00 A Month Without Going To College?

Filed in The Category Wisconsin Nursing Schools

Hello Everyone. I am 44 and still single. I hope to be married one day.. and to mabe… IF I am lucky have one child. This to me is most important above anything else. However.. until then this economy and job market has gotten tight and tough.. making it nearly impossible. I hate.. the medical field in all aspects.. even with animal. I would not mind taking a shorter Vocational program. My main concern is to zero in on something I would like to do.. or love to do.. that makes me happy.. take some educational classes mabe even a 2 year associates.. to get further.. make the money I need to pay my bills and save to put down on a mortgage. I don’t want to incur more College debt in my future. An associate isnt too bad and there are some government programs that help with that. I don’t know many hot areas. I love the arts.. but that may be unrealistic. I am taking classes now to work as an aide in a classroom but that pays very low. 9.00 or less an hour. I am worried I will sink soon. I am currently on unemployment had lost my job. Now .. is my time to put things into motion.. education wise. My resume will be equiped with minmum expense towards education.. but there is absolutely …no way to surive on that. My goal that to me is realistic is to bring home after taxes 3000.000 a month. Not sure what occupations that fit. I am not into the health fields and my memory doesn’t support that .. for nursing. I just don’t like medical. I was thinking of taking some Wilton Cake classes but.. to spend the money on a hobby.. that may or may not lead to extra money or.. a work related connection… is that even worth it? Where I live in Wisconsin.. you have to jump threw hoops and pay up.. to have a liscence or.. rent a place to bake cakes.. and I am not even sure.. since sweets are my weakeness if that is a good idea.. lol.. So.. as you can see.. I need some guideance.. so I can choose something good… that can bring me in money .. but that also makes me happy.. Someone told me that graphic designers make alot.. but where and in what area/invironment. I don’t live in a big city.. but a mid size town. Suburbs. Horticulture.. but where would that get me? I know someone who is in legal and hate it.. I have a friend who is a RN and hates it and is so… stressed out. So.. I want to be happy. with what I choose. I also want to make 3,000.00 a month. That is what I need to survive without taking on 4 jobs. Massage therapist is like nursing with the anatomy and can be hard. Spa buisness is all commission like beauticians are.. So.. that is not hot with the economy. I am so.. worried.. please help. Thank You All.. Very Much.. Hugs..

Who has to repay student loans if the student is deceased?

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I am making out my last will and testament and was curious about who becomes responsible for my student loans? Or my auto loan for that matter? Anyone know?

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